promo_lead_mac_pro7:20 PM – We recently reported that Apple was going to start taking Mac Pro orders as of today.  Apple’s new fully-redesigned performance desktop computer has caught the eye of many individuals, competitors and users alike.  Since the Mac Pro went on sale early today, and now standard configured Mac Pro inventory is dry.

The initial inventory will ship on December 30 for those of you who managed to order the new Mac Pro today.  Those of you who weren’t lucky enough to order it today can still order it, however the second wave of shipments will not take place until February.  There is no specific date given as to when the second wave of Mac Pro’s will ship, only the month is given.

One of the reasons as to why Apple may be having a hard time satisfying orders is due to the fact that the new Mac Pro is assembled and manufactured in the United States.  All efforts are being taken place by Apple, which isn’t something we have seen so far.  Normally, products such as the iPhone and the iPad get assembled overseas in China by Foxconn and other partners.

Those of your interested in ordering the new Mac Pro won’t receive it until February 2014.  The new Mac Pro starts at $2,999 for the base quad-core model, and the 6-core base model starts at $3,999.