samsung-sign-9235:15 PM – Samsung has done remarkably well on the Android platform.  The company uses the software in its latest smartphones such as the Galaxy S4 and the Note 3.  Many of its smartphones have been a big hit in the market.  However, the company wants to reduce its reliance on Android.  Samsung has been pouring a lot of time and resources into developing its homemade Tizen mobile operating system that will in the near future compete with the likes of Android and iOS.

In a new report by Sammy Today, they have found quite a number of pictures of Tizen user interface.  Digging around the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service database, they managed to get a hold of Tizen version 2.1 pictures.  Currently, the software stands at version 2.2.1.  So these pictures are not too hold.  The main point of looking at the pictures is to give us an idea of what Tizen will potentially look like when its finally released to the public.

Getting a deeper look into the pictures, you can see that Tizen looks very different from the current TouchWiz design that is used on Android.  That essentially is a good thing for those who dislike TouchWiz.  Samsung’s hardware choice is great, and now pairing it up with its homemade Tizen will give it more control over what it can do with its software and hardware.  The company wants more control over its hardware and software, much like what Apple does with its iOS software and iDevices.

It’s rumored that Tizen will make its debut in sometime February.  Take a look below at some of the screenshots and let us know your thoughts.