Motorola Moto X8:20 PM –  Recent launch of the Moto X and Moto G have been very successful for Motorola so far.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal of the Moto X crashed Motorola’s servers, and later the deal turned into a 2-day promotion.  Now the company is taking interactive advertising to a whole new level.  I must admit that this is very ingenious and is downright awesome.

Motorola is moving into the print world, more specifically, the magazine.  The company has bought a page ad from upcoming January publishing from Wired.  You must be thinking that it’s just another page with a Moto X ad?  Well, think again.  The company is making print ads more exciting with interactive technology inside the page itself.  150,000 issues of Wired magazine will be distributed across New York and Chicago will contain a fully interactive Moto Maker.  Instead of sitting behind the computer, you will now be able to play with the Moto Maker inside of a magazine.

Motorola achieved such ad by utilizing paper-thin electronic elements that make up a battery, LEDs and even a push button-like experience for the color selector.  This ad is quite interesting to say the least.  The marketing genius that came up with the idea should get another pat in the back.

See the video below for a demo.  Let us know what you think.