geohot1:45 PM – The release of iOS 7 jailbreak was already surprise enough that it caused a lot of drama with in the jailbreak community.  The introduction of Chinese app store TaiG in the jailbreak caused a stir when many users found pirated apps.  Evad3rs previously stated that they do not support piracy and never will.  Even though the team are working on fixes, it still hurt their reputation.  Many users have been reluctant to use the jailbreak for several reasons.

Well known hacker George Hotz (Geohot) through reverse engineering took a look inside the evasi0n7 jailbreak.  After looking inside, he wrote a length write-up to give relief to those wondering there may be malicious codes inside the jailbreak.  In his write-up, he says that “this write-up takes place from the perspective of Evasi0n7. F–k secrets. Note that this write-up doesn’t help Apple, I got this by reversing the public Evasi0n binary, which they can, and do do.”  He continues on saying to “also note, I found nothing sketchy in my reversing, your phones most likely aren’t being backdoored by Chinese. If I ever touch jailbreaking again, which is unlikely (until ARM128 comes out, I only touched the game again for the love of ARM64), no more secrets.”

Geohot was planning to release his own, free of charge jailbreak to the public.  There were several other teams working on the iOS 7 jailbreak that forced evad3rs’ hand to release their jailbreak prematurely.  He was offered $350,000 for his jailbreak, but after speaking to his lawyers, he did not go through with the sale.