softbankceoson-e135030403258712:35 PM – For a while now, we have been hearing about Sprint working to make a bid for T-Mobile.  According to an unnamed sources that told Reuters, SoftBank is already in talks with Deutsche Telekom to buy a major stake.  Deutsche Telekom is the parent company of T-Mobile.  Right now, the company is working with several banks to come up with the proper funding so they can make an attractive proposal.  The proposal is rumored to be less than $20 billion.  SoftBank managed to buy a major stake in Sprint with $21.6 billion.

SoftBank has already purchased Sprint and now is going after T-Mobile.  Just because the company can make a bid for T-Mobile takeover, this does not mean U.S. regulators may approve the deal.  There is a lot regulators look at when dealing with these kinds of situations.  For example, they look at if the competition will get hurt in the wireless spectrum arena.

T-Mobile has initiated its “Uncarrier” plan which has brought the company a lot of business.  CEO John Legere has been in heated war with AT&T for quite some time as well, including on Twitter.  This initiative has put a lot of pressure on competitors such as AT&T and Verizon to step up their game, to change policies and to ultimately give benefits to customers.  If rumors are true, T-Mobile’s “Uncarrier 4” will pretty much pay $350 for customers to move from the competition to its own network.

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