android-10110:25 AM – Have you every wondered why it takes Android a while to get the latest updates?  You’re not alone.  Android has its pros and cons, however so does iOS.  There are still Android phones these days that are still getting the Jelly Bean update, while KitKat (4.0) has already been released for a while.

You’ll notice that many individuals will point out the software update roll out time between iOS and Android, however there is quite a difference between the two.  For example, Apple manages the iPhone themselves, only one company.  The process to get software updates pushed don’t seem very difficult for the Cupertino company, but it’s a completely different story for Android manufacturers.

To give you an insight of how Android manufacturers do it, HTC recently posted a quite detailed infographic to give you an idea of how difficult the process is.  Before starting to read, I should let you know that it’s a pretty long read, so make sure to set aside a little time.

To read the infographic, head over to this link.

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