6:05 PM   Increasing the site traffic, bringing new audience to the website and getting more and more views is a basic motto of any company. This is a start of the introduction of their product to the target audience. To do this in better way Google Analystics   helps you. It tells you the right information about your business growth and where you should invest money and where to decrease the unwanted cost.

It helps to build the audience.  As we know that Google uses  the user data trough web search and collect the data from the websites in terms of location also. This all information is used  by Google to deliver you the proper stats about the target user and where you should focus your energy.

When you do any campaign or you post your advertise on any website you want to know that how is that campaign working?. How effective is that advertisement and did really that ad worked ?. Google Analytics helps in tracking this data.

User experience in terms of website is  very important . This is one of the factors in grabbing the customer. If your site loads poorly, your pages crashes often it will divert your audience from your website. Google Analystics also provides the information about your site performance.

After trying your ad with the first batch you can have your result.You can see where you need to improve and where you did poor. Now if the ad campaign went well you can repeat this process and increase your umber of audience.

If you have some idea about SEO then you must have heard about the ‘growth hack’  and recent domain block of  If you haven’t please follow my next blog article “Why does not show up in the Google search”.