SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 310:45 AM — Samsung’s Galaxy series smartphones have been doing exceptionally well.  More specifically, the Galaxy Note phablet has caught many other manufacturers off-guard.  More people are slowly opting for a larger screened smartphone, and that’s where the Galaxy Note strives to satisfy customers.  While the Note 3 has impressed users, with its back leather and performance, lets take a look at what the Note 4 may look like.

According to a new patent filing by Samsung (via SamToday), we see a design patent that shows what looks like a potential future design for a Samsung phablet.  This could be possibly a design for the Note 4, however that is for sure not confirmed.  Looking into the design, you see a thinner, bezel-less design, and no buttons on the bottom of the device.  Normally you would see button as seen on many Samsung devices, but this is a good step forward for the company.  There is a stylus shown on the bottom, so this could possibly be a design for the Note series, not the Galaxy S smartphones.

Take a look at the pictures and let us know what you think.

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