10:39 Growth hacking is a
creative way of selling your brand, which ever it may be. Growth
hacking is done by growth hackers who  has the knowledge of
SEO , web analytics and can use the available resources for better
marketing. There is recent case of misuse of “growth hacking ”
concept which has resulted in almost blocking of a website, The
blog at has posted something viral which has
violated the policies of google and made it block the site from the
search results . The story behind the scene is very amusing. There
was a blog posted by web entrepreneur which included a mail from
the rap genius co-founder Moghadam stating that he should include
lyrics of Bieber songs in his blog even if he don’t have the
publishing rights. This piece of advice was given considering the
Google search. Google, Bieber, Miley is a hot word in the these
days which is captured by google crawlers. Also, if you put
hyperlinks in your articles it plays crucial role in your websites
SEO. But if you do this unconventionally and neglecting the
policies of google you may have to pay the heavy price. The website
didnt show up in the google search few days back.The articles
related to websites were surely shown but not the website. It is
now shown in the Google search. As a punishment Google has lowered
the ranking of the website. In this controversy Bing displayed the
result after banning by google search results. This is an issue to
look after as the growth hacking is growing and it is finding ways
to succeed its plans.