tmobilejohnlegere12:30 PM — We have already seen T-Mobile with their three stage “Uncarrier” plan so far.  The company has already made some serious dent in other carriers’ business, mainly firing shots at AT&T.  They continue to put pressure on other carriers to make a change, give some more benefits to their customers, and it seems the pressure is finally getting to them.  AT&T recently announced their $450 incentive to customers that come back from T-Mobile, although T-Mobile CEO John Legere was not impressed.

Latest numbers from Kantar Worldpanel give us some insight.  In the report, we see that T-Mobile gained quite a bit of momentum in 2013, and it’s not done yet.  The carrier has yet to announce its “Uncarrier 4” plan.  T-Mobile is the fourth largest carrier in the United States and it actually posted much better numbers than Sprint did in 2013.

For the last quarter, T-Mobile accounted for 13.3% of all mobile phone sales in the United States.  This places the carrier in third place, while pushing Sprint from third to fourth position.  Kantar says that T-Mobile “also was the only major carrier to see year-over-year growth, up 6.3 percentage points” in the same time from 2012.  Kantar credits T-Mobile’s aggressive Uncarrier approach to changing things around for themselves.  The company continues to post improving numbers.

The Uncarrier strategy has worked wonders so far for T-Mobile.  Will it continue to?

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