tmobilejohnlegere12:10 PM — We already know the heated rivalry between T-Mobile and AT&T.  T-Mobile’s Uncarrier plan has gotten the attention of many competitors, including AT&T.  What’s more interesting is what happened next.  At AT&T’s CES 2014 party, T-Mobile CEO John Legere decided to pay a visit, taking pictures with others, the usual, you know.  The end result was he ended up being escorted out of the party.

John Legere told Re/code that the only reason he went to the party was because he wanted to see their main act, Macklemore, perform.  Furthermore, when people started to notice who he was, they decided to obviously take pictures, videos and tweet about them.  Well, AT&T started to take notice, and that’s when trouble occurred.  John Legere says that “all of a sudden these gigantic goons said ‘Can I talk to you over here.’ ”  Legere was told to immediately leave the party and if he didn’t, he would be charged for trespassing.

This incident took place when AT&T Mobility boss Ralph de la Vega.  He was discussing the carrier’s new deal with former T-Mobile partner Audi.  What does this tell us about AT&T?  Well, lets just say they are not very fond of T-Mobile.  There’s a hate relationship that is maturing everyday.  AT&T recently started their $450 promotion for customers who decide to come back from T-Mobile.  This shows that AT&T is definitely losing quite a number of customers to T-Mobile.

Entertaining, don’t you think?