IMG_6369_610x4572:40 PM — Google’s Android mobile software is the most widely used in the world.  Companies such as Samsung, LG, Song and ZTE use Android operating system in their mobile phones.  Currently, Samsung is the king in the Android arena, owning majority of the stake.  Google, the creator of Android has a strong position over Android, however everyday, more power is being shifted to Samsung.  Its smartphones such as Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series are top of the line.  With its monstrous marketing budget, the company continues to rule the Android market.

This shift in power is worrying Google.  Now it has a new reason to be concerned.  According to Japanese-based magazine Mainichi, top Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo has confirmed that Tizen smartphones will become available beginning in March.  Starting in March, Samsung will dominate Android and compete with it at the same time.

Things for Samsung were already delayed, but the company plans to not wait any longer. The first round of Samsung’s Tizen handsets are expected to debut next month at the annual Mobile World Congress trade show.  We have seen image leaks of Tizen software, which seems to be a hybrid between Android and iOS.

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