We’ve seen Apple run ads on Instagram, but the company is now taking its Instagram game to the next level. Today, the company officially launched their Instagram account (@apple).

If you go check out their account, they’re posting lots of pictures and videos already. They’re sharing pictures and videos that have been taken on iPhones as part of their ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign. What’s even more great is that Apple is giving the photographers more exposure by including their quotes. This is great exposure for those that take the pictures.

Of course the Instagram account is verified to show you the legitimacy on Apple’s part, but then again, do we really need that confirmation because of the handle? Not really.

We’ve seen Apple get more serious on Instagram but the company has yet to get more serious on Twitter, for example. Apple isn’t very social media savvy, but that may slowly be changing as part of their ongoing social push, starting with Instagram.

Apple is inviting everyone to use the #ShotoniPhone hashtag on Instagram.