Speedtest is a well-known website that you can use to test your internet speeds. The company is now launching something called Speedtest Global Index, which is a monthly global ranking that allows you to see how your country compares to others in terms of internet speeds.

Speedtest’s Global Index gets all of its data from billions of tests consumers do on their devices, showing speeds for both mobile and broadband internet speeds. These speeds are from all over the world. Since users are using the service from all over the world, each country’s ranking’s will update monthly, showing its average download speeds and difference in speeds from previous months.

What’s more interesting from Speedtest’s blog is that the performance results will show on individual country pages as monthly reports continue to be published. This will allow people to “uncover trends and detect potential storylines.”

This type of index is similar to the one Netflix introduced a long while ago where they rank ISP’s with Netflix performance.

If you’re interested in how US fares so far, we’re standing at number 46 in the world for mobile. For broadband internet, we’re standing at number nine. Not too bad, right?