In an announcement posted on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said that the social media giant will be making several changes in order to offer better transparency. The company will be making changes to make sure that political ads on its platforms are much more transparent.

Zuckerberg points out that political ads are not regulated the same as they are on platforms like TV. Online, political ads are in a completely different domain and seems that there is too much freedom that can cause harm to Facebook’s readers.

“We’re going to bring Facebook to an even higher standard of transparency.”

Zuckerberg continued to say that “Not only will you have to disclose which page paid for an ad, but we will also make it so you can visit an advertiser’s page and see the ads that they are currently running to any audience on Facebook.”

Zuckerberg mentioned that the company would roll out the changes in coming months, and added that they would work with others to set a “new standard” for political ads online and on their platform. The company has already agreed to hand over ads to Congress that were linked to Russian election interference.