First report by Bloomberg, it appears that Snap is shuffling up its secret hardware team leadership in hopes of gaining some momentum in the hardware area. If you’re not aware, Snap’s hardware team is behind the company’s video-recording sunglasses, called Spectacles.

Steve Horowitz, a former Motorola exec who has been running the hardware team at Snap is no longe rin charge. Taking over is Mark Randall, a former Googler, according to a source familiar with the situation. In addition, there have been several people who have been fired.

The glasses were a great introduction ahead of Snap’s IPO, but has failed to perform at the level the company expected it to. Sales of the glasses are not a major revenue driver for the company, which is one of the reasons why the company decided to shake-up its hardware division.

Jolt Journal reached out to a Snap spokesperson for comment but did not get an immediate reply for the request.

UPDATE: A Snap spokesperson was able to confirm to Jolt Journal of Horowitz’s new role in the hardware team. In addition, the company laid off a dozen employees on Thursday from a marketing team that was focused around the Spectacles. Horowitz will be assist in explaining Snap’s technology strategy to outside partners, and will work to help on potential acquisitions.