Google Maps may soon let you share your phone’s battery life status alongside your location

Your friends may not panic if your phone suddenly dies

You may soon be able to share your phone’s battery life with your friends and family, thanks to a helpful feature soon to come in Google Maps. Our friends over at Android Police spotted code in Google Maps beta for Android that hints at sharing your phone’s remaining battery life alongside your location. You would get a generic range of what the phone’s battery life is because charge levels change minute-to-minute, but this feature could be very useful if a friend’s phone is running low on their way home at night.

In addition to being able to share your battery life status with others, the Maps code also has you sharing your mass transit trips with others, including the exact time you arrive at a given stop. There would also be shortcuts for favorite spots and stations, for example.

Right now, this feature is in beta, so it may be a while before this type of update is pushed out to the general public, if it even gets pushed out at all. It could also just be Google testing features out to see how they would perform in the real world. Google in its part is testing this feature and wants it do more than just sharing your location with others, giving insight into what you’re actually doing and your status. Kind of like social media in Maps, you know?


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