Instagram is testing screenshot warnings for Stories

If the feature reaches release, you’ll be able to spot those creepers taking screenshots on your account

It looks like Instagram is about to take another featured from Snapchat, but it’s a feature that is directly related to your privacy. Instagram confirmed to TechCrunch that it’s currently testing a screenshot warning system for Stories.

In this screenshot warning system, you’ll get a notice that Story creators can see the screenshots you take while going through them. You will not get an alert with each screenshot when you’re the creator, but you will see that people took screenshots when looking at your viewer list.

At the moment, there’s no confirmation or word whether or not this feature will even become widely available. Instagram is testing this feature right now. One of the biggest things the social site will take into account is how this feature will affect user habits. The feature may not even make to a release if Instagram notices that many users stopped watching Stories, for example.

If the feature does come to Instagram users, it could encourage Story creation among those who wouldn’t normally hit the record button to share. Since the warning system will be in place, it could potentially encourage those that tend to not participate in Stories. The alert system would no doubt discourage creepers form getting around the warning system and save themselves from going through embarrassing moments.


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