You can play ‘Overwatch’ this weekend for free (again)

This weekend, you can enjoy the just-launched Lunar New Year event

If you haven’t played Overwatch previously, you may get the chance to this coming weekend. Blizzard has a rather good habit of opening up its hero shooter Overwatch game for everyone to try every few months. The company usually does this after it announces a new hero, event or map.

The publisher has announced that new PC, Xbox One and PS4 players can try the game for free next weekend and get a good taste of the Lunary New Year seasonal event. Those of you that have never tried Overwatch before or have been itching to buy but not fully convinced yourself, you can get a taste of it this weekend.

When trying to game out this weekend, new players will be able to grab the event’s temporarily-available skins. In addition, new players can try out the newly-tweaked Capture The Flag game mode on the Thailand-inspired map as well as get to play with the still-fresh amusement park-themed Blizzard World.

Those of you that are coming back to play Overwatch can have a look over the game’s patch notes to skim hero changes before you dive into the game, just to bring yourself up to speed on everything.

Lastly, much like every free weekend that Blizzard brings, any skins or other items that are unlocked while playing during the weekend will carry over, should the new player decide to purchase the game. The event will run from February 16th to 19th.


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