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Samsung likely to give Galaxy S9 its own version of Apple’s Animoji

This shouldn’t come as a surprise

Samsung has a good habit of copying a lot of features from Apple for its Galaxy S phones, and it appears that it will do the same with Apple’s Animoji feature. Sources told ETNews claiming that the Galaxy S9 will come with a “3D emoji” feature that will work almost identical to how Apple’s Animoji works on the iPhone X (via Android Authority).

The Galaxy S9 will reportedly use upgraded facial recognition to create the 3D faces, mimic your facial expressions so that you can add some extra fun to your messages with friends. Samsung’s upcoming technology for the Galaxy S9 would also lead to “more secure financial transactions,” which basically implies that the company plans to use your face for Samsung Pay in the same way that Apple uses the Face ID feature on the iPhone X.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is rumored to include a rear camera aperture control (as bright as f/1.5), dual rear cameras on the larger S9 Plus as well as stereo speakers. The controversial Bixby hardware button is also expected to make a return, hoping that Bixby 2.0 is a lot better than what it has been previously.

Take these rumors with a grain of salt though. ETNews has a mixed track record when it comes to providing leaks and information. There’s also no guarantee that Samsung will introduce this feature when they unveil the S9 on February 25th.


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