Today, Android pay has become Google Pay

Google Wallet on the other hand gets the awkward name: Google Pay Send

Google recently came to a realization that Google Wallet and Android Pay didn’t need to exist as two different services, rather offer a better, more unified experience. Google Pay is now the successor of those two services and has become a unified brand.

Google Pay app will do everything as you’d expect it to, but there’s a new Home tab that will list out all of your recent transactions, all nearby stores, and your rewards, offering an all-in-one place solution. The Carb tab on the app will offer a catalog experience of your payment cards, gift cards, loyalty schemes and other offers. At this time, Google Pay doesn’t have Google Wallet’s functionality, meaning that you can’t use it to send or request money, but that may just be temporary until the company releases those features in an upcoming update.

For the functionality to send and request funds, you will still need to use Google Wallet, which is now called Google Pay Send. It is a bit awkward, if you ask me. Google has mentioned that the two services won’t stay apart for too long and that the actual Google Pay app will be able to send and request cash “within the next few months.”


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