Netflix will now let parents block individual titles

The company is also introducing ways to better display maturity level ratings.

Parent controls on Netflix just got better. Netflix announced today that will soon be releasing a new tools for parents. As of right now, parents can manage what their kids watch by putting all content above a particular maturity level behind a PIN or by giving certain accounts to their children. With the new tool Netflix will soon release, it gives parents more control.

With he new tool, parents will be able to require a PIN for certain movies and shows. Through this method, parents won’t have to block full levels of content for children they don’t want to and instead just keep their children from watching certain shows and movies. In addition, maturity level ratings will be displayed more noticeably on screen when a new title begins playing.

Netflix is making these moves because more companies are working to make their platforms more children-friendly. For example, YouTube recently dealt with some disturbing content that was shown as kid-friendly. Netflix says that the new control will roll out in the coming months. In addition, they company is looking into how to make maturity level ratings easier to understand and more descriptive.


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