Apple has updated its ‘Made for iPhone’ branding

Manufacturers have 90 days to adopt the new logos.

Apple has updated the logos for its Made-for-iPhone/iPad/iPod (MFi) program, as reported by Chargerlab. When you look at the logos, the biggest difference you will notice is that the device icons have been removed, and instead replaced with an Apple logo.

Other differences you’ll notice include the order of the products on the all-encompassing logo. Previously, it was “iPod iPhone iPad” and now it reads “iPhone iPad iPod.” The change makes sense because how important the iPhone is to Apple, and the decreasing status of the iPod on the company lineup as well its relevance.

The new logos, introduced at the beginning of February, are mandatory for manufacturers and Apple has given them 90 days to adopt the changes.

If you don’t know about the MFi program, it’s used by Apple to certify accessories that meet the quality standards it sets. Apple provides the logo to accessory makers to put on their packaging when selling to consumers. The logos are meant to give confirmation to consumers that the product is an official, Apple-approved accessory for respective devices. For example, you’ll see the logos on cases, docks and Lightning cables.


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