Apple will now let companies make 3.5mm to Lightning cables

Still no third-party Lightning to USB-C cables.

Apple has updated the specifications for its MFi accessories program, which also got a new logo makeover this weekend. The company will now put USB-C ports on licensed devices, and create 3.5mm to Lightning cables for the first time, per 9to5Mac.

These are useful additions for Apple product owners, especially as the company makes a transition towards using USB-C (at least on laptops). Third-party companies can now build things like controllers, speakers, and battery packs with USB-C charging while at the same time keeping Apple’s stamp of approval.

It’s worth mentioning that Apple is still limiting the specifications: Unlike Lightning ports, the USB-C ports can’t be used for pass-through charging or syncing on iPhones. This basically means no USB-C charging cases for your iPhone.

Though, adding a 3.5mm to Lightning, it’s a useful addition for older headphones with removable cables or speakers with 3.5mm aux inputs. This allows the users to directly connect their iPhones without requiring one of Apple’s 3.5mm dongles through the Lighting. If you want true fast charging on iPhone X and 8 devices, you’re going to use the USB-C to Lighting cable.


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