IKEA is now using TaskRabbit to help customers built their furniture

Launching in select US markets, but will expand to more throughout 2018.

IKEA brought TaskRabbit last fall with the goal to offer customers assistant building their tough-to-construct furniture. Today, the company has announced that it’s allowing customers in select US markets to starting scheduling a worker straight from the IKEA app to come by and assemble their stuff.

Per IKEA’s website, there’s currently no option for same-day construction just yet. The earliest you’ll be able to book a worker is for next day, and you only pay after the furniture is constructed. For building fee, it’s a minimum of $36 and is a flat rate per item category, but some bigger items like kitchens and bathrooms are excluded (for now, maybe?).

Customers can start to book assistance through IKEA’s website wherever TaskRabbit is available. Customers can also schedule help from six stores in the New York area (Brooklyn, Long Island, Elizabeth and Paramus) and around San Francisco (Emeryville and Palo Alto). TaskRabbit’s service will reach more IKEA locations in 2018 including ones in Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Boston, Washington, DC and more.


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