Google brings its public WiFi hotspots to Mexico

Google’s Station WiFi, as of today, is making its way to Mexico. The public hotspots are available in over 60 “high-traffic” locations in 44 Mexican cities, including malls, mass transit stations and airports. The coverage should expand to more than 100 locations before the end of 2018.

To help with this expansion, Google is partnering up with local internet provider Sitwifi to help convert its existing hotspots to the Station format.

Google’s goal for the public hotspots remains the same: The company is hoping to make internet access more accessible in areas where internet isn’t necessarily a given. Mexico has the third highest internet penetration in Latin American, the company said, but large data plans aren’t as viable as they can be elsewhere. People might be more likely to visit Google’s platforms like YouTube when they know they won’t have to pay a huge phone bill.